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Photography & Fine Art

Christopher Seaton

Please do not hesitate to contact Christopher for details about prints, to discuss any of his work, or if you have any questions.

Email: chris@christopher-seaton.co.uk

Mobile: +44 (0) 7816555137

At the age of seven Christopher Seaton was wrongly accused of cheating in a maths lesson, such was his ability with mental arithmetic. This inspired him to decide that rather than becoming an astronaut, fireman or pilot like the other boys, he would instead become an accountant - to make lots of money.

As the years past, Christopher’s mathematical abilities wavered and so did his ambition to go into the financial industry. He lost his desire to become rich.

As a non-linear and almost completely unrelated result of all of this, somehow Christopher decided to study Photography at University. He graduated in 2012 from the BA (Hons) Photography degree program at the Broadstairs Campus of Canterbury Christ Church University with First Class Honours.

Now back in his hometown of Portsmouth, Christopher is primarily interested in documenting the world around him as he sees it. Shooting in both digital and film, Christopher appreciates both the speed offered by modern technology and the extra detail available through analogue methods.

This website offers an overview of some of his most recent projects - both major and minor. A selection of projects are available direct from the Photographer as limited edition prints, posters and newspapers.

To download a copy of Christopher’s CV, please click here.



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