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Photography & Fine Art

Christopher Seaton

Video: Queer Reality (QR)

Photography is always about showing; both in the literal sense and also through exposing the unseen. Deciphering hidden messages and meanings contained within an image is something that the medium allows viewers the chance to do.

The scanning of a QR code is essentially the act of photographing an image. This mundane process can be used to reveal secrets, but it is also a way of creating a divide between those who have and those who have not got the means to perform the necessary scan.

Queer Reality is about a photographic journey, one that requires participation on the part of the audience. The camera can only replicate what is placed in front of it and so reality becomes the subjective viewpoint of the person depressing the shutter.

Ultimately there will be those who are unable to, or perhaps even choose not to, scan the QR code itself. Accepting this fact was essential to the creation of the piece, photography is about opinions and perspectives.

“To photograph reality is to photograph nothing.” Duane Michals (1976).


*Mini Project.